Welcome on Pro-estate webpage,

The company Pro-estate is run by Katarzyna Reyman the Qualified Valuer. Pro-estate cooperates on the Silesian real estate valuation market. Katarzyna Reyman is a member of Silesian Association of Valuers.

Pro-estate provides the following services:
• The valuation of the properties
Property, whether owned or occupied, forms a significant part of assets. Pro-estate has the skill and market knowledge, allied with a comprehensive understanding of the professional guidance which govern this increasingly complex and highly specialised area of surveying, to enable to provide the valuation information our clients need.
Pro-estate evaluates the real estates such as houses, dwellings, lands, commercial properties. The final product of the assessment is the valuation report. The valuation reports are elaborated for the different purposes, such as: establishing the selling price of the property, establishing the value of the real estate for lending purposes, establishing the value of the real estates for the local government’s aims.
• The consulting services
Pro-estate provides the consulting services on the Silesian real estate market by delivering the information about the current market situation, about the current supply and demand on the real estate market, about prices, trends and other elaborations depending on the costumer’s needs.

The cost of service depends on the amount of work needed for the valuation of particular property.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Pro-estate Katarzyna Reyman
40-129 Katowice
Misjonarzy Oblatów 22a/10
Mobile: +48 600 223 853
e-mail: reyman.katarzyna@gmail.com

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Ways of payment: cash, bank transfer
Number of Bank account: 39 1050 1214 1000 0022 3875 1743



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